The wonderful world of sisterhood: Meet Laura and Paola, founders of AROZ JEWELRY

Fashioned by mom's jewelry. Captivated by what shines. Bewitched by the trend. Fascinated by the detail. The Sole sisters and founders of Aroz Jewelry bring their imagination to the brilliance of their passion.

Since a few years, Laura et Paola have managed to jump into the world of entrepreneurship thanks to their desire to trace they own paths and live for what they call their ‘lifelong attraction’.

There are no limits to where their imagination can take their designs. Trips to far-away countries, paintings, beautiful scenery or Christmas ornaments… They are moved by all aspects of life and happily absorb all their impressions and inspirations into the Aroz collections.

We met the girls in their lovely showroom in Brussels.



What do you like about entrepreneurship?
Laura: Freedom is the first thing that comes to mind. And, constantly come out of your comfort zone to surpass yourself.

Paola: Creation. To see our sketches come alive and discover the prototypes.

What is your motto as an entrepreneur?
L: Namaste. I think it's the one we use the most for everything. "any problem has a solution".

P: Done is better than perfect.

If you had to give one advice to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur, what would it be?
L: Believe in your project, surround yourself and mature your idea. But above all, never compare. We are different and we are all progressing differently.

P: Dare and believe in your projects. Don't be discouraged by a problem. 

Younger, what did you dream to become?
L: I loved drawings, colours and decoration... I wanted to become an interior decorator.

P: Singer or dancer. I loved putting myself on a show!

What do you like about entrepreneurship.?
Laura: Freedom is the first thing that comes to mind. And, constantly come out of your comfort zone to surpass yourself.

Paola: Creation. To see our sketches come alive and discover the prototypes.


How did you become an entrepreneur?
L: First of all, my sister and I were immersed in the jewelry since we were little. After my marketing studies I immediately tried to work in a big company in Barcelona. It wasn't long before I realized that the routine and the office hours were not what I wanted. After two years I came back to Brussels.

Because I was a bit lost, I started developing the communication for the activity of my parents. It was the start of Instagram and it was fun! I also wanted to combine the two: start jewelry studies to understand the environment and launch a multi-brand e-shop to help me work on my own creation later. Very quickly my sister joined the adventure and inevitably she never left.

P: I studied language therapy, but I always had a preference for jewelry. As soon as Laura launched the Instagram account and the eshop of Zora (our mother's jewelry brand), I believed in the project and helped her. In 2016, she asked me if I wanted to work with her. And it all started there!

If you would describe your job in one word?
L: Passion

P: Stimulation

Who do you admire most as an entrepreneur?
L: Admiring is a big word, but I really like Yvon Chouinard, and his eco-friendly business model that he created with Patagonia. I also like Alix Petit, the creator of Heimstone. She is very inspiring. I admire the patterned fabrics she creates from just a photo, a trip, an inspiration. And finally, Roxane and Agathe Gernaert, the sisters behind the Knees to Chin concept. They’ve created a real story, a true identity around their Spring rolls and today they open their 4th restaurant. Just great and Belgian!

P: There are many ... Simon Porte (Jacquemus) for his particular and daring style, Shanty Baehrel (Shantybiscuit) for his humor and his very quick success with cookies, and finally, Jeanne Damas (Rouje) for her vintage, romantic Jane Birkin style.

What made you decide to do what you do today?
L: The need of freedom, and especially the desire to create and work with my sister.

P: Since we were little, we were bathed in jewelry. Our mother and grandmother have always worked in this field.


In another life, my sister would reincarnate in …
L: No matter what, but something we could continue being together.

P: An animal that lives in Japan.

You do not know but my sister ....
L: is monomaniac, she can eat the same thing every day without ever getting tired of it. And she is also part of a football team. That’s pretty cool!

P: knows the replicas of the movie ‘The parent trap’ by heart. (She even has a tattoo with one of her best friends in connection with the movie)

What is your best memory together?
L: When our father opened the oysters at Christmas and slipped a pearl in it. And, our dance shows in the living room.

P: The car ride from Brussels to Malaga while listening to ‘Wonderful life of Black’.

Her cute sin? 
L: Chocolate, or anything that looks like sugar in fact.

P: Bags.

The character trait that differentiates you / brings you together??
L: We look alike as two peas, but we are two opposites that complement each other perfectly.

P: Differentiation: precision and greed.

What would you steal from her?.
L: Her wardrobe. It is much more feminine than mine.

P: Her drawing skills.

If you would define your sister in one word?
L: Sunbeam

P: Solar 



Laura is wearing the navy KINTARO jumpsuit & the MOKID MAXI JACQUARD knit with the white denim KUNG LAO trousers.

Laura is wearing our green MERI48 RIBS knit with the grey GOTTA LIGHT trousers & the stripe VIWOO MC t-shirt with the SEKTOR skirt and our scrunchy hair accessory.
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