MATERIAL GUIDE | High twisted cotton

When sustainability is on your mind, you want to invest in high-quality garments that will endure as long as possible. From rue blanche’s earliest beginnings – back in 1987 – we have made it our priority to carefully create long-lasting garments that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and travel well beyond seasons. 

An introduction to 

high twisted cotton

As opposed to regular cotton, the high-twist variant is woven more tightly to enhance the quality and performance of the yarn. The result is a more breathable, open-weave fabric that is incredibly wrinkle- and crease-resistant.


High twisted cotton is a natural fabric with high shrinkage resistance. It is breathable, durable, insulating, kind to sensitive skin, easy to care for and pleasant to wear. 

Care instructions

High twisted cotton garments are as easy to care for as regular cotton items. We advise you to wash cotton at 30° or 40°, as to not damage the fibres, and to avoid tumble drying. Dry your clothes in the open air, away from the sun and other heat sources. As far as ironing is concerned, use the ‘cotton’ setting and iron your clothes inside out. Naturally, you can also wash your cotton clothes by hand.