How we take responsibility

1. Our Aim

In a world of fast fashion, we aim to carefully build collections that are as inspirational as they are permanent. Curating timeless collections with wardrobe staples designed to last, has been in our DNA since our earliest beginnings, back in 1987. 

2. Our Designs

Each collection starts from a careful refining of the Rue Blanche wardrobe, focussing on quality and durability. With our customer’s needs in mind, we try to always respond to trends in a relevant way. We develop new pieces, and perfect existing styles – often delving into our 35 year old archive which is a powerful repository of beauty, craftsmanship and knowledge. Our mission is to develop timeless and high-quality pieces that can be worn every day and last beyond the seasons. This way, we aim to promote a lifestyle of buying more mindfully, with longevity in mind. 

3. The Essentials

Every season Rue Blanche creates essentials that are versatile, easy to wear and that last. These core pieces make it especially easy to build a durable wardrobe that transcends trends and time. The essentials selection includes all–year–round pieces like a cotton white shirt, a trans-seasonal coat, a merino sweater, an elegant skirt, and a comfortable pair of trousers. Building a capsule wardrobe of high-quality key pieces in neutral tones, creates ease and a strong and calm identity for a customer, and it is better for our planet. 

4. Our Materials

We work as much as possible with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool. When synthetic fibers are added to blends, this is to further strengthen these natural fibers with an objective to obtain an even longer product life cycle. 

5. Our Production

Our shirts, blouses, coats, dresses, skirts and trousers are produced in Romania and Bulgaria, our t-shirts in Portugal and our knitwear in China. Our socks are made in France.

We don’t discard our clothes after the season’s over. We have two outlet-stores, where we sell the garments that survived the sales of the previous year. Older seasons are sold in sample and archive sales twice a year. Furthermore, our production quantities are calculated and aimed at having as few leftovers as possible, in order not to create excess garment waste in our production cycle. 

6. Our Garment Care Guide

Taking good care of your clothes can significantly increase their lifespan. To help you maintain the allure and longevity of your wardrobe, and take better care of the planet while doing so, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate all things garment care.

7. What to do with Rue Blanche pieces you no longer use?

Pieces that you no longer use can be sold through one of the fashion resale apps or in stores that specialise in pre-loved items. Please also aim to keep the care labels in your clothes, so future owners can take care of them properly too, and clothing collectors and recyclers can responsibly recycle the materials after you dispose of them.