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Rue Blanche x Philippe Koeune

At Rue Blanche, we focus on creating simple and iconic pieces that will carry over from season-to-season and lay the groundwork for most of your outfits. That is why we wanted to bring back our iconic silk scarf this season. For the illustration we collaborated with artist, graphic designer and Tarot-connoisseur Philippe Koeune. He chose a colourful and mysterious drawing, that tells us as much about his personality than it tells us about our own future.  

Philippe Koeune, who are you? 

That is a truly complex question. I am not sure we even have enough time in our lives to answer this. But to stay on point, I would say that I am a creative person, who lives in a world that is as imagined as real.

Can you tell us something about your background? 

I trained as an architect, but after completing my internships, I left the field. I decided to immerse myself in graphic design, and this is what I'm still enjoying today. For nine years I also managed GIRLS FROM OMSK, an independent clothing brand. In 2015 I discovered the “Tarot de Marseille”, an exciting and life-changing encounter that inspired me to bring the human and therapeutic side into my professional life. Today I divide my time between graphic design, my artistic practice, tarot, consultations, and training in other therapeutic techniques, such as free waking dreaming or bio-energy.

Could you elaborate on your artistic work?

I would definitely describe my artistic practice as polymorphous. Plainly put, I mostly draw and write, but in the last two years a fusion is taking place between my tarot practice and my artistic practice. The common thread between all this is perhaps an attraction for the unconscious. I work with symbols and improvisation and have a pronounced taste for images that invoke a certain strangeness.

"  What you see are two hands facing each other, around a mysterious shape with a hollow centre. This scene is a sure sign of future pleasures!  " 

– Philippe Koeune

For the rue blanche silk scarf you used a drawing of a hand. Is it a correct observation that hands are a thing for you?

Yes! Hands are a great passion! In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than beautiful hands – especially when in motion. Hands are so expressive: they support language but also add a message of their own. Hands grasp, knead, point. They are the books that tell the story of our lives.

What can you tell us about the illustration on the scarf?

The coloured hands come from a “hand series” that I executed as spontaneously and quickly as possible, to create a deformed effect. Each finger was drawn independently, as if it led a life on its own. What you see are two hands facing each other, around a mysterious shape with a hollow center. This scene is a sure sign of future pleasures! 

Need ideas for how to wear a scarf? We've got you covered.

At Rue Blanche we believe that no summer wardrobe truly is complete without the addition of a silk scarf. Sure, we love our lightweight coats, summer sneakers and beachy bags, but this accessory is often an outfit's missing piece, adding interest, colour, or a fun print. Loving this tiny piece of material as much as we do, we have discovered many ways to tie a scarf throughout the years.

Enjoy playing!

If you want to know more about Philippe's work:

IG account - @philippekoeune / @se__lire (tarot & Co)

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