Material guide


When sustainability is on your mind, you want to invest in high-quality garments that will endure as long as possible. From Rue Blanche’s earliest beginnings – back in 1987 – we have made it our priority to carefully create long-lasting garments that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and travel well beyond seasons. 

An introduction to linen

As a loosely structured material with a natural shine, linen looks both relaxed and luxurious. It is retrieved from fibers in the flax, a plant that requires little water, pesticides or maintenance. Hundred days after the flax seed is planted – when it blooms with green leaves and flowers – it is ready for harvesting. Because of this cultivation and processing method linen is renowned and much appreciated for being nature-friendly.  


Linen adds a relaxed and casual look to any outfit and is notoriously good at keeping you cool in hot temperatures. Linen is a natural, environment-friendly textile that is as strong as light-weight. It is soft to the touch, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and naturally moth-resistant.

Care instructions

Linen gets softer with use and time, but requires the appropriate care. Wash linen in the machine on a gentle cycle and check the care recommendations on your labels. We recommend to use mild detergents and avoid chlorine- and bleach-based products. Also avoid washing it with synthetic fabrics, since these microfibres can cling to other fabrics. Linen naturally dries quickly and is best to line dry. We believe that linen looks best when it is worn casually. If you want to iron nonetheless, preferably do so pulling the garments inside out. Iron with a mild temperature setting when the garment is still damp.

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