Sisterly love #1


Sisterly love #1


Celebrating the wonderful world of Sisterhood with RUE BLANCHE

It may just be the longest relationship of your life, and the one that gives you as much grief as pleasure. The sibling bond is thought to be one of the most important in our lives. No other peer relationship involves a shared education, shared genes and shared desires.

At Rue Blanche, the bond of sister love has come forward just recently with the arrival of the two sisters, Astrid and Aude Regout, the daughters of the brand’s founder. It’s has become a family affair! The girls, who are very much of their time, have been combining their youth, their love for fashion and the philosophy of the company to redefined the brand and create fashionable and timeless designs.

No need to look further, the determination of working hand-in-hand obviously comes from their complicity, complimentary and the values that were transmitted to them.

Fascinated by family relationships at work, Rue Blanche went to meet siblings, especially sisters, who work together to celebrate the power of sisterhood.


What do you like about entrepreneurship?
Aude: My independence. To be the master of all decisions.

Astrid: I'll say the same thing. Especially a great feeling of freedom.

What is your motto as an entrepreneur?
Astrid: Fear is really a nasty thing. It stops people from exploring, getting out of their comfort zone, and trying things that will change their lives. So my motto is: Not even scared!

Aude: I’d join Astrid with fear. But I would also add that it is the team that does everything. So I would say: A good team is a winning formula.

If you had to give one advice to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur, what would it be?
Aude: Surround yourself with good people who will advise and motivate you. People that believe in you!

Astrid: Be patient, have fun and loads of perseverance.

Younger, what did you dream to become?
Aude: I imagined myself working in protected landscape taking care of the fauna and flora.

Astrid: Physiotherapy for horses.

How did you become an entrepreneur?
Aude / Astrid: It was not really a predefined choice, but the opportunity presented itself and we thought that it could be a good challenge.

If you would describe your job in one word?
Aude: Aesthetics

Astrid: Uh, not obvious, especially in our business where we have several hats. For my position which is more into management, I’d say : Strategy


Astrid, CEO at Rue Blanche

She is wearing the RUFFLE grey knit with the KITANA skirt & the white AUDITION shirt with the blue GOTTA LIGHT pants.
Aude, Head of communication at Rue Blanche.
She is wearing the navy SCORPIO blazer with the GOTTA LIGHT pants & the SEKTOR skirt with the oversized ANGORA white knit.
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