Our 30th anniversary collaborations - PART 2


Our 30th anniversary collaborations - PART 2



3 decades of style
360 months of passion
10958 days of wonderful memories 

Rue Blanche is celebrating its 30th anniversary to thank those who follow the brand and encourage the resumption of the new generation.

A birthday that marks a turning point in the life of the brand, which, far from resting on its laurels, takes on the challenge of reinventing itself every day in order to preserve its freshness and timelessness. Looking definitely at the future, Rue Blanche is investing in youth and committed to guaranteeing the company's continuity in the change.

For that special occasion the brand has teamed up this winter with 3 brands to work on new co-creation project: K-Way, Spring Court and Faliero Sarti.

A collaboration of importance, a story of the encounter between family businesses and exchange of experience between brands that share a taste for simplicity, modernity and authenticity.

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